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I come from a fairly large family, 10 kids.  My Mom’s side have been in the USA since the early 1700’s.   I received a book that was about 1 1/4 inches thick with a world of Mom’s  family trivia.  Dad’s Mom and Dad came to Loa Banos in the  Central California in the 1920’s from the Azores Islands and started a Dairy Farm.  The Silva Dairy was then moved to Pasadena California, where my folks met, and then on to Chino California There then the Dairy became the Silva Brothers Dairy. 

In 1949 my parents married and then the (Silva Dozen) happened. (Funny how those things happen) Being born fourth I was an older brother to all the younger siblings.  Cool.  

Find out much more in the blog.  Did I say that we are Packer Fans.

Arowhead by the Grand Canyon

As I got older I got more and more involved in the business.  Feeding calves, bucking hay, washing cows and then milking.  That kept cash in my hands.  A great thing for a high school kid.

Motor cycles were a passion of mine then I met a pickup on the way to school.  The day before the season opener for the Damien Spartan Football Team.  I was going to start as a defensive end.    Gone were all my dreams.  So I had to sit out the season to heal,(no broken bones, thank goodness) and continue my life. 

Then magic happened when I met Kathleen.

Kathleen attended the same school as my sisters.  We all went to Catholic schools for both grade school and high school.  We formally met when a friend from grade school, Kim,  locked her keys in her Nova.  That is a Chevy muscle car from the 60’s and 70’s.

Kathleen was there as I worked her car door open.  By the time I got that door open there must have been 15 beautiful girls there with Kathleen leading the pack. 

It was LOVE at first sight.  Kathleen, at the urging of her parents, Kathleen went to Cal State San Bernadino California, .and  I went to Cal Poly University in San Luis Obispo California. 

We were married June 28, 1975.  We started a family and I went back to college with a Kathleen and our son, Richard. More in the Dairy Stories.

Having a drink

The Best Woman Ever!!!

getting married

Our family in 2016.  A weekend reunion for my family.  On that Saturday night we fed 125 people or so… In my family alone we added two children and several more for some of my brothers and sisters.

So much FUN.

I have Mutable Sclerosis (MS) since 2012 and am semi retired. 

Our life has been filled with love and a family that has given us great joy.

Please be respectful.  

I hope you have as much fun with your family as we have had with our family.

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