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What exactly constitutes a web 2.0 site

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So what exactly constitutes a web 2.0 site, you may well be asking?

Web 2.0 sites are social sites that allow you to put up content on their
platform that you have some control over. For instance, a blog on (owned by Google) would be a good example of these.

Many are more than simple blogging platforms. In fact, most strive to have
a sense of community and interaction.

The very cool thing about these sites is that you can insert likes to your
pages there, and they are for the most part, dofollow (which is important
for increasing your search engine ranking). In any case, they will bring
you real traffic from other users of that platform. This is particularly
true of Squidoo, Blogger and Tumblr, to mention a few.

The search engines view these sites in a very good light, and many of them
have very high Page Rank. That along with high authority makes using these
types of sites a no-brainer when you are link building.

Some of the top Web 2.0 sites out there just now are:

There are many more, but these are great ones to start with. They are all
PR 6 or higher, so well worth the effort.

Putting up pages on these platforms is almost always a matter of using a
WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) web editor. It’s about as hard as
writing an email. Very easy.

Using Web 2.0 sites for blogs and authority is an easy way to build a
portion of your link profile with good sites, and anchor text links
pointing back to your sites. Take advantage of the opportunity this provides!


Richard Silva

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