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The mere thought of having to comprehend SEO (search engine optimization)
leaves many cold with dread. The fact that it keeps changing all the time
doesn’t help either.

But the fact is SEO is necessary if you hope to compete in today’s search
results. The competition is getting too fierce to rank without taking
advantage of every edge you can avail yourself of.

The question is, do you do it yourself or hire an SEO person or firm to do
it for you? My feeling is that you should do some of it, at least so you know
enough not to get ripped off by those you hire, and then leave it to the
people who make it their business.

Optimizing your web pages is something you should learn. There are a few
basic things like title tags, permalinks, internal linking schemes, keyword
tags, and basic linking principles. Once you have this down, you’ll be
able to self-optimize most of what you create.

When you hire out for SEO, understand that this is not a one and done
proposition. Getting your site or page to the top of the Google search
results is not easily achieved, and can take some time depending on the
competitiveness of the keyword term.

Be prepared to hang in there for a while, or if you’re not, seek out
other methods of traffic generation such as PPC (pay per click) or any of
the other many ways to generate traffic that don’t depend on Google.

SEO can help you get highly ranked, and bring you a lot of that terrific
traffic that the top spots enjoy. But it’s not cheap, (at least in terms
of hours) and sometimes not fast. That said, stick with it long-term and
SEO can bring you great rewards!


Richard Silva

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How SSL Secures You
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