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As soon as you gain a subscriber base of a few hundred people, you can
start using this highly effective strategy.

An “Ad Swap” by definition is an arrangement where two marketers having
mailing lists similar in size, agree to promote each other’s squeeze page.

The ad swaps are popular because this arrangement offers a win-win for all
the parties involved. The subscribers get something of value for free and
the two marketers involved add quality subscribers to their lists’
without any expense.

The leads you get as a result of such arrangements are usually of very high
quality as they come via a personal endorsement. A typical ad swap with a
partner having similar list size will increase your list size by 20-25%
(you can increase this percentage by doing multiple emails with the consent
of your partner).

Typically getting other marketers to agree to your ad swap proposal is much
easier than that for normal promotion. Make sure that the other person has
a list similar in size with you.

If you don’t yet have a list, you would first like to have a seed list in
your niche. Use PPC, article marketing or co-registration to build your
seed list. A list of at least several hundred will be required.

Next, contact marketers and ezine owners in your niche. Those having list
size similar to yours will be the most willing to do an ad swap with you. It
is not a bad idea to do an ad swap with someone having a list smaller than
yours. In that case, you just need to mail out an equal number of your
subscribers to his.

Ad Swaps are a fast an easy way to build your list fast and free.

Give it a shot today!


Richard Silva

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How SSL Secures You
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