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Eat The Garden

I eat out of our garden and have Smoothies and a Combination of Diets, Keto, Wahl for MS, some Paleo too.  I have reduced my weight by almost 100 unneeded and for sure not wanted pounds.  Look at that pound of butted or even a kilo of butter.  Hold one and for us who are or were overweight just think of how your body feels when it is gone…

The loss of that much weight ( About 100 Pounds) is really liberating.  Close fit well. I can easily button up pants, when it has been a struggle for too many years.  We have seen the pictures of overweight people working to get those pants up…

Me is the main motivator.  My lovely wife Kathleen is also my motivation.  She loves me and I Love Her.  Kathleen has not had the same issue with weight as I have.  No, She is a lucky one and we are now at of near the old high-school measurement of weight.  I was as a young person a weight-lifter and well built.  But the pound plus or minus a each year after high-school, SUCKS.


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How SSL Secures You
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