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LinkedIn isn’t just for suits anymore!

In fact, it really never was.


What may have been at one time a peachy place to post your resume has
evolved into is a full-blown social networking platform, with a lot of
extra goodies you may not be aware of.


Some of the things marketers are using LinkedIn for these days include lead
generation, introducing and selling new products, finding work, getting new
employees, professional networking and not least of all, massive traffic!


LinkedIn has the capability because of its social nature to be able to
deliver a lot of traffic through many of the functions on the site. The
connections you make can lead to many places, and there is also a paid
traffic option on the site now.


There are some basics you need to have in place before you can begin
tapping into any of this, and some those include things like completing
your LinkedIn profile, joining relevant groups, reaching out and making
lots of connections, and updating your status regularly.


If you already do this on Twitter and Facebook, you are not only familiar
with how it works, you might also know you can automate this part with
services like Posterous or Ping.FM. It will save you gobs of time in the
long run.


Be helpful on LinkedIn. Comment and post to groups, answer questions and
utilize every opportunity you can to raise your profile. It will pay off!




Richard Silva


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How SSL Secures You