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When most people have a combination of low energy, weight issues, and persistent headaches, they see a doctor. Chances are they’ll get a prescription and get sent off to a specialist. This is the most common route everyone takes… …BUT is it the BEST one? People diagnosed as pre or full-blown diabetic have LIMITED treatment options that focus too much on medication. This is the same as slapping on a band-aid which only deals with the symptoms. But the ROOT CAUSE goes untreated. This is why my friend Judd took it upon himself to find the answers. He went on a two-and-a-half-year journey, talking to diabetics… …as well as doctors, nutritionists, and other medical experts who helped him piece the puzzle together. In his tell-all series called “That Diabetes Documentary,” he shows people how to protect themselves and their loved ones from this potentially deadly disease. Click on the image now to learn more… My friend Judd woke up to his college roommate, having a seizure from a diabetic attack. He was drenched in sweat, thrashing about uncontrollably and mumbling incoherently. Judd was stunned for a few seconds, but his presence of mind kicked in. His roommate had told him about his condition before, so Judd immediately took action. He called 911 and grabbed his roommate’s glucagon shot. If he hadn’t taken action, his friend might have gone into a coma that day. However, 20 years later, his ex-roommate needs to go through great lengths to manage his disease and make sure he doesn’t have another attack again. Today, this is something that Judd sees in so many other people… …including his father, who was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. Judd was alarmed by the skyrocketing rates of people who develop diabetes – and millions more who succumb to diabetes-related complications every year. He wondered, “Is there a better way of life for those with this condition?” So he went on a two-and-a-half-year journey to get to the truth. He interviewed doctors, nutritionists, diabetics, and other health experts. And today, he wants to share his incredible discovery with everyone. Click on the image to learn more about how to fight the deadly threat of diabetes and achieve ultimate health freedom. 20 years ago, my friend Judd knew two things: 1. Diabetes is a potentially deadly disease. 2. He wanted to find a way to help people suffering from this condition. Back then, he witnessed his college roommate have a diabetic seizure. He called 911 and gave his friend a glucagon shot. Nothing serious happened, but the experience has stayed with Judd ever since. And two decades later, not only does his friend still need medication, but he also struggles with other lifelong symptoms… Today, Judd has seen so many other people affected by this scary and puzzling disease. He could have just stayed silent and went about his own life… …but he felt compelled to do something about it. So he set out on a two-and-a-half-year journey to learn the truth about diabetes. He wanted to help the millions of people who were affected by this condition – and show them a better way to live. Judd realized that as a filmmaker, he could interview diabetics, doctors, nutritionists, and other medical experts. With their insights and knowledge, he could put the pieces together and show everyone the BIG PICTURE. He knew he had to take action, and fast. Not only were his family and friends suffering from diabetes-related symptoms and complications… …but also millions of others around the world. Judd has seen far too many people struggling with this condition, so he couldn’t just stand aside and let it happen. He didn’t want to wait around until it was TOO LATE and watch more people fall ill to diabetes. The time to take action is NOW. People need to be informed, get empowered, and take back their health, starting today. To learn more about Judd’s journey, click the image now… My friend Judd just spent the last two and a half years learning the truth about diabetes. After interviewing diabetics, doctors, nutritionists, and other medical experts, he’s made some amazing discoveries that not many people know about – until today. It all started 20 years ago when he witnessed his college roommate having a seizure from a diabetic attack. He managed to get his friend to the hospital and everything turned out fine, but he hasn’t gotten the experience out of his head ever since. Today, his friend, a type 1 diabetic, is STILL suffering from diabetes-related symptoms. However, Judd also learned that there is a risk for getting type 2 diabetes which runs in his family. And what scared him was the very REAL possibility of the same symptoms affecting himself and his loved ones. On top of that, millions more are succumbing to this condition every year. And diabetes rates continue to skyrocket at a frightening pace. Judd asked himself: “Is there a better way for people with diabetes to live?” “Is there a way to reverse this scary trend?” “Is there something *I* can do about it???” That’s why he used his talents as a filmmaker and traveled around the world to get to the truth. He didn’t waste time taking action because he knew one thing to be true: If his friends, family, and millions of other people don’t know how to take their health back… …the consequences could be deadly. Most people fall ill to this preventable disease simply because they don’t know how to help themselves. And for some folks, they’d rather keep their health out of sight and out of mind… …because they’re scared to confront the truth about the state of their health. But it’s time to change all of that, starting NOW. In “That Diabetes Documentary,” Judd aims to remove the veil of confusion and misinformation that’s shrouded this topic for the longest time. And by learning the truth, people can empower themselves with knowledge and start making positive changes to their health, even as early as TODAY. To get the full story about Judd’s journey and how to live a better (and more sustainable) lifestyle, click on the image now. Finally here is a chance to  stop diabetes in its tracks.  People I know and likely people you know may benefit from Diabetes Smarts!!!
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