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Strange as it may sound, there are still a majority of marketers who
haven’t yet discovered what a massive goldmine YouTube is when it comes
to huge number of highly targeted visitors.


We are indeed the generation that would rather watch than read, and nowhere
is this better reflected in the fact that YouTube is the world’s second
largest search engine, gets more than 3 billion views every day, and has 35
hours of video is uploaded to it every minute.


So how can you take advantage of this for your business?


Does your business have a channel? Are you doing anything to promote it?


Do you know whether or not video is being used effectively by your
competitors, and if there are any opportunities there?


It doesn’t matter if you feel squeamish about appearing on camera: you
actually don’t have to these days. Many people utilize slideshow style
videos, or animation to get their messages across, and this works very well.


There are also many ways to spread your videos all over the Web to reach a
huge audience. The power of social media comes into play here, and a video
posted on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter can have a wide grasp.


You can also outsource this if you need to, and by doing so scale you
marketing efforts even further.


However you choose to get it done, please don’t ignore the power of
YouTube, and the vast audience there waiting to hear from you!


You will regret it!




Richard Silva


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How SSL Secures You
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