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Throwing Peaches

Who Knew That Peaches Could Be So Much Fun

One of the beauties of growing up on a Dairy was all the land we had to roam and our fruit trees.  Yummy & Fun…

Several times as a Junior High kid, myself and the neighbors from across the street on a neighboring Dairy would do something almost unthinkable. 

Mike, Mitch and I would THROW PEACHES  at passing cars just to see if we could hit one.  Stupid, yes, but fun and challenging.

We found out that the cars were harder to hit with our peaches than we thought.   We did try, but the passing cars , most of then were going about 60mph, were hard to hit with a peach. 


We tried off an on that summer and could not seem to get the timing right.

Our fruit trees were fun and convenient as the boys went to feed the cows.  The trees were along the feed lane at the Dairy.  It was great when the different fruit would ripen.  Let me see if I remember, there was Plum,  Apple, Quince, Kumquat, Loquat and Peach.  We also raised some rabbits.

So Cute

Once when the three of us, Mike , Mitch and I were about to throw.  A car was coming.  We were ready to throw.   That car was going slower than most.


As we were ready to let loose of our peaches a sudden turn of events happened. 


That car suddenly veered off to the right clipping the corner post of a pasture which was a railroad tie.  Not only the corner post the gate also.


From there the car continued to move with the the post and gate in tow.  It was like slow motion.  The car the smashed into the milk barn of the neighbors. 


The car managed to run into the equipment room and destroyed the milking barn so some of there milking chores could not be done until repairs could be finished.


We went to the driver to see if he was alright.   

Ran up to the car to find the driver with a bloody face and…


Laughing and Drunk. 

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