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My MSAA Community,

“It's ok to feel overwhelmed, angry, [and] anxious from time to time.”

– My MSAA Community Member

Changes in mood and emotions can be overwhelming at times. It’s in our nature to have different types of reactions to things. But sometimes the emotion or mood that shows up can be unexpected or difficult to manage. No one is invincible to the impact that mood and emotions can have on the mind and body, positive or negative. And in 2020, mood changes and emotions have understandably been on overload. These are powerful sensations to experience, and as humans we can all be vulnerable to their effects. A disease like MS can impact mood and emotion as well, and for those diagnosed, this is a shared experience.

On My MSAA Community, , members talk about mood changes and emotions in relation to MS, and how coping with symptoms and changes can contribute to shifts in mood and emotions. “MS can mess with the moods for sure,” one member shares on the forum. This is met with validation from others who’ve experienced similar changes and how finding support has helped. “I am so thankful for this group. I don’t know anyone that has MS and it’s been very hard to navigate all the feelings, anger, sadness.” There is comfort in being able to disclose these feelings with others who will understand without judgement. That is what members find on the Community at the times when they need it most. This is illustrated in another member’s statement, “I know I need to hear from other people to help me feel less alone.”

It’s understandable to have so many feelings and mood changes not only with MS issues, but with life stressors in general. It can feel beyond your control sometimes but talking about them and realizing that you’re not alone can help. Finding others who listen and care can make all the difference; “I feel so much support and understanding and it has lifted me up so much.”

My MSAA Community is a free, online peer-to-peer forum for members to share their MS experiences. The community is a safe space that allows you to post a question and get answers from members of the forum, share your MS journey, connect with others, and contribute to ongoing conversations — all from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

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How SSL Secures You
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