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The Mini-Bikes

I liked being on two wheels and wanted a motor cycle and so did Ed. Dad got us a pair of mini bikes to satisfy that desire. Ed’s bike was green and mine red, and they were equipped with a 3 horse power Briggs and Stratton motor. I think the maximum speed was about 20 miles per hour. Wow was I on top of the world when I was running up and down the dirt roads around the dairy. There were several miles of dirt road to conquer without crossing the paved streets. That was off limits!
Ed was very competitive and  often challenged me to a race. Once he cut me off and I ended up plowing into a pipe and cable fence at a neighbors place in back of our dairy. That was pre helmet and stupid, I was lucky that I didn’t get badly hurt.  That would come later…
My mini bike had problems thanks to Ed.  As he was kicking up a cloud of dust, I was starting to cry. Not from my bruises, but because the front fork on my bike was bent back so far that the tire was up against the frame. Ed didn’t even come back to see what happened and I had to drag my bike about a half mile back to the shop at the dairy.
I always thought I was mechanical so I removed the front end and had Dad take it to Jack Leuten’s Welding to be straightened. Jack did a great job and even painted it again so it looked new. But before I put my bike together I completely took apart the engine to see how it worked.  (That’s What Kids Do)
I remember Dad coming to the shop while I was in the middle of my exploration and yelling at me for doing that to a perfectly good engine. To his surprise and mine when I put it all back together that Mini bike started right up and I was once again on top of the world.
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