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School Time

I have always loved to be home at the dairy but it came time for me to off to school. Kindergarten is not really scary, but I was not ready to be away from home and meet new friends. On the first day Mom had taken me in and stayed for a little while. She had several other kids to get back to at home so Dad could go back out to the dairy.

On day two I had to ride the bus. It was scary, and I was really out of my comfort zone. Then I would have to go into the classroom. Alone! I was still not ready for school even though Kathy, Eddy and Sharon had gone through the same thing before me and they seemed to be ok. I got off the bus walked up to the big closed school room door and stood there afraid to go in. After a moment I decided that I still did not want to go to school so I walked home. Our dairy was only about three miles from the school so I must have made it home in about an hour and a half.

When I got home I think I was more afraid of being there then at school. I knew I would be in trouble so I played outside for a while and walked up and down the hay lane before coming into the house. Mom always the angel let me off the hook that time, but said that I could not walk home again, and that I must ride the bus and go to school. I managed the third day and found that some of the other kids that I did not notice the first day went to our church. It wasn’t so scary after all.


Life starting school was a bit scary.  Everything seemed so huge. 

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